Avani Modi – The ‘Pakistani Girl’ in Calendar Girls

Avani Modi is a model from India who has also worked as an actress in theatre and Bollywood. Her birthplace is Gandhinagar, in Gujarat. Avani completed her graduation from HL College at Ahmedabad. During her college days Avani started taking active part in plays. She was a regular participant in all events that were held at college. Her father Vinod Modi gave her encouragement to enter the field of acting.

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The 5 feet 7 inch tall Avani Modi worked on the job of an anchor at a local TV channel. She also undertook some assignments of modeling. Airtel was one of her most significant projects in the field of modeling. She then got some roles in serials that were telecast on channels like Zee TV and SET channel.

Break in ‘Calendar Girls’

Avani got her big break in Bollywood in a Hindi movie in 2015 named “Calender Girls”. This movie was directed by Madhur Bhandarkar. It is interesting to note that more than 1500 girls gave an audition for this movie and Avani was among the 5 actresses who were selected for this movie. Shei successfully passed the two rounds of auditions; one of them involved enacting scenes from previously released movies like Fashion and Heroine. She plays the role of Nazneen Khalid in the movie

Movies before Calendar Girls

The first movie starring Avani Modi was a Tamil film known as “Naan Rajavaga Pogiren”. After this, more movie offers began coming her way. Avani also acted in some Tamil movies in the year 2015 like Sandamarutham as well as Strawberry. She also acted in Telugu movies like Sarweshwar and Gulabee.

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Avani Modi – Pictures

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