Know Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Nitibha Kaul Better!

Nitibha Kaul, also known as Nitiva Kaul is a celebrity in Indian Reality TV Shows. She is also a model and an IT professional, based in Delhi.

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Early Life and Education

Her family has roots in Kashmir and she considers herself to be Kashmiri. Her mother, Sulekha Kaul is by profession, a lawyer, while her father Sanjay Kaul is an entrepreneur. She has a younger brother named Kartikeya Kaul.

She attended St. Thomas Girls School in Delhi and completed her higher secondary education followed by graduation from Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies.

Personal Life

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She was born on 4th November 1992 in Delhi, India and her profession is a TV Celebrity and Model. She won the Nokia YWMA Award and she is educated in Business Studies with a BA Degree. She is 5 feet 2 inches tall petite, known to be naturally introverted by nature.

Nitibha Kaul in Bigg Boss 10

She came under media spotlight in 2016, after she was chosen to become a contestant for Bigg Boss Season 10.

Kaul left a high profile job of account strategist at Google India (which she joined in 2014) to take part in this reality TV show. When she was declared to become a contestant for the show, many media outlets talked about her story.  On the premiere of the show, she told Salman Khan that she knew what she was doing and had carefully thought about her decision, when she quit her job to join Bigg Boss 10.

Nitibha’s stint in Bigg Boss 10 was praised by many people, both from India and abroad. Sadly, as the show progressed, she became a lot more controversial especially for her affinity to makeup.  Nitibha Kaul’s mother came as a guest on the show for around ten minutes, and told her to be a bit more assertive.

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