Priya Malik to Stir the Bigg Boss 9 House Big Time!

Priya Malik is a wild card entrant in Bigg Boss 9, who promises to really shake the proceedings in the house. As of now, the season has been quite boring with the contestants playing it extremely safe..

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Malik is a 28 year old teacher from Adelaide. The fiery and outspoken person was born and brought up in Dehradun. She went on to graduate with English Honors degree in Delhi. Then she went on to study further in Australia and found a job as a teacher in Adelaide. Besides teaching, she also does standup comedy and is a renowned poet. She is also fond of tattoos which she proudly displays on her shoulders.

Priya Malik in Big Brother Australia

She was one of the most controversial personalities in Big Brother. She was also a victim of racial slinging in the house. Nevertheless, she become popular for the way she played the game and was the fourth last person to be evicted.

Priya Malik – Husband

priya malik husband bhushan images priya malik husband bhushan picture

Priya Malik is married to Bhushan, her long-time boyfriend.

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On Bigg Boss 9

She says that Bigg Boss right now is like ‘pulao’ and she would be making a biryani out of it. She feels that a jolt is necessary to shake the contestants out of their comfort zone.  The 5 feet tall Priya especially feels that Rimi is deliberately lying low and enjoying her weekly pay. She clearly told Salman Khan that she is going to make sure that she is given a reality check. Priya also said that she did not think she would get along with Mandana and Keshwar, but found Rochelle endearing.

 Priya Malik – Pictures

priya malik picture priya malik hot photo Priya Malik hot

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