Priyanka Chopra is bikini ready for Baywatch!

Priyanka Chopra has created ripples with her bikini body for Baywatch. The desi-gal of Bollywood has truly enchanted the world with her infectious personality and her bikini bod is taking it notches higher. Here is how the Quantico girl Priyanka Chopra slipped well in her bikini avatar.

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Priyanka Chopra bikini figure – Diet and Workout tips

The desi gal does not believe in dieting and is a huge foodie. The Indian Punjabi lass loves to eat and can hog anything from aloo parathas and rajma chawal to burgers and pastas. The only thing she takes care is that she does not indulge in stuff that is too oily or too sugary. She balances her diet with a steady intake of fruits and water. In fact, she is known to have more than 10 glassaes of water everyday. In the weekends, Priyanka like to indulge in sinful delights like ice-creams, chocolates and cakes.

As far as workout is concerned, Priyanka Chopra does not like to gym, she is not even into Yoga. But she does make it a point to workout for an hour everyday. She believes in consistency in workouts rather than sweating it like a maniac in a gym for three days and skipping the regimen for other days. She likes to keep her mind in an ever-learning mode as she delves into books catering to various subjects. She likes to relax by watching good movies and TV shows.

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