Satrarupa Pyne – The Smashing Debutante of Calendar Girls

Satarupa Pyne is a model from India; she played the Bengali model in “Calender Girls” directed by Madhur Bhadarkar. She is a 5 feet 6 inch dusky beauty was born the year 1990 at Kolkata. She took to the camera and modeling like fish to water.

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Satarupa Pyne’s role in Calendar Girls

Satarupa Pyne has had no practical experience in the field of acting in movies or TV serials. However she had been a model since a very long time. She successfully passed her audition test for the movie “Calender Girls” and director Madhur Bhandarkar found her apt enough for his film. Satarupa says the only advice he gave her was to be her real self.

Satarupa played the role of a Bengali girl named Paroma Ghosh who aspires to be a model in the movie “Calender Girls”. Her character in the role has many shades, including the compromises that she makes for a boyfriend that maligns her own reputation. She is shown as someone who is embroiled in the Cricket League controversy, which bears real life semblance of IPL.


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