Shrivardhan Trivedi – Success Formula of the Sansani Anchor

Shrivardhan Trivedi is the quirky anchor of the hugely popular investigative show on Sansani , aired on ABP News.

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The anchor has pioneered many firsts, including his famous beard and long hairstyle, dressing style and of course dialogue delivery. The Indian Book of Records awarded him in 2013 with the honor of being the most successful anchor of the longest running crime TV show in India.   The show is the first one to run successfully with just one single anchor. When it was given the award, the show had completed 2700 successful episodes.

Sansani – The Success Story

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Sansani began airing on Star News on November 22, 2004. At that time, it was aired Monday through Friday at 11 PM. Post 2005, it was aired on all days. Sansani now airs on ABP (rechristened form of ABP News) every night in the same time slot. The cult show is also responsible for inspiring many other successful crime reality TV shows on Indian television.

Shrivardhan Trivedi –The  Success Story

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The 6 feet tall anchor who is known for his loud dialogues on Sansani, is an introvert in real life and speaks only when he has something to say. The 42 year old Shrivardhan Trivedi was born in Dindori, Madhya Pradesh. Brought up in poverty, he studied in a vernacular school till 5th standard, where students were made to sit on make-shift benches or even ground. After 5th, he had to walk a long distance to another school which taught English. In fact, Shrivardhan Trivedi reflects on how he had written a letter written to his father, in English. Though the letter was ridden with multiple grammatical errors, his father had appreciated that his son displayed an attitude to learn and predicted that he had it in him, to be really successful.

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Shrivadhan Trivedi , after his education, enrolled into National School of Drama (NSD). An audition found him getting an entry into anchoring the crime show ‘Sansani’.

Shrivardhan Trivedi on the luck factor

Shrivardhan Tripathi Sansani

Trivedi laments the fact that once a person gets into the professional world, she or he shies away from reading books. He believes in the power of learning and says that one must always do a self analysis at every point, so that there can be improvement.

The successful anchor does not quite believe in destiny but says that good luck is the product of opportunity meeting preparation. He says that one can prepare by reading and gaining experience. He believe in having the correct though process, which shapes one’s behavior, which in turn influences action, which adds to one’s personality and finally determines one’ destiny.

sansani anchor shrivardhan tripathi

Shrivardhan Trivedi – Dialogues and Parody

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Shrivardhan Trivedi ‘ style of anchoring in Sansani and dialogue delivery, is inimitable and has been parodied by many celebrities including Kapil Sharma. Here are some of his well-known dialogues

1 . Dhyan se dekhiyee is masum chehre ke peeche chhupe ek vaishi darinde ko .

  1. Chain se Sona Hai toh Jaag Jao
  2. Sannatey ko Cheerti hui Sansani Kal Phir Degi Dastak
  3. Gaur Se Dekhiye is Aadmi Ko
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